Our Charities


North South Travel is owned by the North South Travel Development Trust (registered charity no.1040656). All net profits earned by ticket sales are held by the trust and paid out in grants.

Hundreds of charities and groups have been supported by these donations and thousands of lives impacted by the projects that North South supports.

below are some oF our recent partners.


Deki – financing people out of poverty

Deki is a micro-loan charity, providing seed-funding for small entrepreneurs in Ghana, South Sudan, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda, and guaranteeing the repayment of the original loan.


School club Zambia – educatION-pLus

Works with schools in rural Zambia to generate school income to become self-financing, improve literacy, help girls avoid absenteeism, and equip school leavers with skills for jobs.


Makhad – People, Spirit, Environment

Makhad supports nomadic Bedouin communities in the Sinai peninsula by helping them thrive in rural areas and reconnect with their ancestral lands. Wells and market gardens are key.


Chase Africa – women’s empowerment

Using mobile clinics, Chase Africa supports reproductive health, primary healthcare and reforestation across Kenya, working mostly with women and their children to strengthen communities.



StreetinvesT – No child alone

Works with street-connected children to champion their rights, ensure their safety and enable them to take positive control of their lives, by having access to a trustworthy adult to support them.


Team Kenya – Girls CAN change the world

Team Kenya works to educate girls, empower rural women and transform communities in Kenya by providing school support and business training, including cooperative table banking.


Children Change Colombia – Peace-plus

From sprawling slums to forest villages, CCC defends children’s rights across Colombia, promoting peace and prosperity in a deeply unequal society traumatised by years of conflict.


Water Harvest - makING every drop count

Water Harvest creates sustainable partnerships with communities in India to capture and share precious seasonal rain, using modern technology and traditional wisdom and cooperation.


Applying for a grant from us…

The NST Development Trust is happy to receive applications from small charities and development organisations. Proposals can be posted or emailed to the North South Office in Chelmsford. We particularly welcome detailed requests for funding for specific projects.

Successful applications are from small organisations in which the Trust's funds can make a significant difference and where trustees can be sure the money is being used wisely. Donations typically range from £500 to £1000. Applications are usually considered twice each year.