North South Travel



Welcome to North South Travel, a travel agency with a difference.
All our profits go to grassroots development projects.


Our Mission

North South Travel was established in 1967 as a travel business whose profits would be used to fund development work — our motto:

“Every flight a fight against poverty”.


Our Fares

Whether you're flying to Oz for a working holiday or need to fix a complicated route for a series of meetings in Indonesia, we can help. Call us for destinations closer to home, too. Complicated itineraries and stopovers are our speciality.


Fly to Australasia from £660


Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Auckland… or Port Moresby.

Just ask.


Fly to Africa from £415


Unlike many travel agents, we know our Mali from our Malawi.

Safari njema!


Fly to America from £407


East Coast, West Coast, Central and South, we have the western hemisphere covered.

Call us!


Our Charities

North South Travel is owned by the North South Travel Development Trust. All profits earned by the sales of flight tickets are held by the trust and paid out in grants twice a year.

Hundreds of charities and groups have been supported by these donations, and thousands of lives have been impacted by the projects that North South Travel supports.



We provide funds for small health charities working with remote and marginalised communities to build healthier lives for themselves. The money pays for primary healthcare, family planning, childhood immunisations and nutrition advice.


Money donated from North South Travel supports education in disadvantaged rural areas and towns. Books and laptops, girls’ sanitary supplies to prevent absenteeism, and dormitories for boarders from remote areas are all part of the mix.


Charities we support are critical in alleviating water scarcity in developing countries. We give funds to charities that combine technical and traditional solutions to make best use of unpredictable rains and to deepen and repair essential wells.


We donate to charities that provide micro-loans to people in neglected communities. By assisting people with training and capacity-building the loans strengthen families and social networks, and increase their resilience in a changing world.



"Thank you - you're not only generous but great to work with too!"

Felicite Holman / Streetinvest